Navigating Delhi's busy traffic can be a challenge, and inadvertently violating traffic rules is not uncommon. The Delhi Traffic Police employ a sophisticated E-challan system, utilizing traffic cameras to capture violations and issue fines conveniently linked to vehicle numbers. This guide outlines the steps to both check and pay Delhi Traffic Police E-challans online, ensuring a hassle-free process for drivers.

Checking Delhi Traffic Police E-Challan Online:

Step 1: Open the Official Website

Launch the Chrome browser on your phone.
Visit the Delhi Traffic Police official website at

Step 2: Access Pending Notices

Click on the top three-line button on the website.

Under 'Pending Challan and Notice,' select 'Pending Notices.'

Step 3: Enter Details and Verification

Enter your vehicle number or notice number.
Click 'Submit Details' after entering the information.
Verify your identity by entering the OTP sent to your registered mobile number.

Step 4: View and Download Challan Details

Access detailed information on all challans linked to your vehicle.
Download your challan for further reference.

Paying Delhi Traffic Police E-Challan Online:

Step 1: Initiating Payment

Click on the 'Pay Now' button.

Step 2: Confirmation

Confirm your intention to pay by clicking 'Yes.'

Step 3: Identify Driver/Owner

Choose 'Driver' or 'Owner' based on the person driving the vehicle.
Enter driver details if applicable.

Step 4: Payment Gateway Selection

Choose your preferred payment gateway.
Accept terms and conditions, enter the captcha, and click 'Continue.'

Step 5: Payment Options

Select your payment method (Debit/Credit card, Internet Banking, UPI).
Complete the required information and click 'Pay Now.'

Step 6: Confirmation and Receipt

Upon successful payment, a confirmation message will appear.
Click on the print icon to access and save your challan receipt.

Important Information:

Challan Receipt:

Print and save your receipt for future reference.

Timely Payment:

Ensure prompt payment to avoid legal consequences.
Delhi Penalty Point System:

Court Proceedings:

Failure to pay within six months may lead to legal action.

Penalty Points:

Drivers accumulate points (1 to 12) for rule violations.
Serious violations result in 12 points and a one-year license suspension.


Drive responsibly to avoid penalties and legal repercussions.
By following these steps, drivers can easily manage and settle their Delhi Traffic Police E-challans online, contributing to safer roads and a more efficient traffic enforcement system.